Tom Hejda is a Czech Cinematographer and Director, working in the United States and internationally.

Since moving to the USA and completing a Film degree in 2001, Tom has been active as a cinematographer, shooting feature films, television shows, commercials, and music videos. While still in film school, his spec commercial work earned him both a Gold Clio and Gold Andy Awards.

Tom has lensed multiple major US television productions. He was Director of Photography on various shows including a Bravo‘s 3-5th seasons of the hit show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker‘ (2010), and two seasons of Animal Planet‘s ‘Pit Boss‘ (2010). Other notable productions include Comedy Central‘s ‘Mind of Mencia‘ (2008), Spike‘s ‘D.E.A.‘(2008), and Discovery‘s ‘Pitchmen‘(2009), featuring the late Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, among others.

In the television arena, Tom has successfully straddled the role of the two-in-one DP/Director for 'Dirty Little Lies', 'Road To Nascar', and 'Elite Gudz', as well as during the deployment of multiple units on major shows such as 'Millionaire Matchmaker', 'Pit Boss', and 'Pitchmen'. He has also directed a handful of music videos and industrials. Tom's vast visual experience in feature film and television makes him an ideal candidate for a DP/Director for any lifestyle program.

He was Director of Photography on Jake‘s Closet (2007) a film supported through the Panasonic Filmmaker‘s Grant. Tom was able to use the latest Panasonic technology with 35mm cinema lenses to create the singular cinematography of the film. His innovative work has earned the praises of critics such as Rory Aronofsky of Filmthreat and Robert Koehler of Daily Variety who reviews that: "A beautifully eerie opening title sequence has Ryan‘s elegant camera (with Tom Hejda as the exceptional lenser)...Production is extremely handsome, displaying a high level of pro craft in every department, from Hejda‘s autumnal lensing to Mark Plutynski‘s production design that turns Jake‘s home -- from which pic never departs -- into an all-encompassing world." George Schmidt of comments on the " lighting thanks to the remarkable cinematography by Tom Hejda..."

He was Director of Photography and Co-Producer on the men-on-women polemic PrimeMates (2010), directed by his long-time collaborator Rudy Luna, starring Leo Rossi, Joe Estevez, Ethan Phillips, and Will Wallace; and the criminal suspense films ‘Dark World‘ (2009) and ‘Shadow Witness‘ (2012). Tom has also worked as a second unit cinematographer and additional cameraman on a number of other feature films, including ‘Faultline‘, ‘Found‘, ‘50 Ways To Leave Your Lover‘, and more.

Tom lives in Los Angeles, California, and continues to work anywhere in the USA and the world.